Frequently Asked Questions

What is Student CARE?

Student CARE is a comprehensive analytical reporting engine focused on the impacts of grades, attendance and behavior. 

By highlighting performance in these key areas, and showing the impacts of these variables on each other, CARE simplifies and makes meaningful information more accessible to everyone. 

How does Student CARE work?

Student CARE aggregates data from multiple sources into a complete student profile. With our smart import tool, uploading many CSVs is easy and data automatically maps to create a complete student view.  

Student profiles can be exported as individual CARE Reports or viewed in school and district level reports. Dynamic dashboards give users an instant view of each school’s performance and track overall trends over time.  

What type of information will I be able to see?

CARE focuses on attendance, behavior and grades to create student profiles with meaningful information. The system offers customizations to ensure data is tracked in a meaningful way for your school/district.  

CARE also offers permissions to ensure users are only seeing data that is relevant to them. 

Dashboards and reports give an overview of performance at the classroom, school, or district levels. 

What is needed to use Student CARE?

Student CARE is a cloud-based system that is accessible from any computer or device with an internet connection.  

Does it work on a mobile device?

While Student CARE can be accessed from a mobile device, not all features are mobile-compatible, so it is recommended that you use a laptop or desktop for full functionality.  

I’m interested but would like to learn more.

If you would like to see the system in action, give us a call to set up your free demo – (800) 608-8658.


Student CARE is priced with affordability in mind – contact us to get a quote today!

How do I get started?

We start by completing a review of your internal processes to understand your implementation needs, then our team customizes the system to fit your school. We will train you, and after that you will have full access to our skilled support team for any questions that arise.  

If you need additional support, or if you have any questions, thoughts or feedback, we’d love to hear from you! Send us a message at

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