CARE Reporting

    • Simple to use and understand individual student reports detailing the interplay between grades, attendance and behavior
    • Performance trends by student over time
    • Individual student performance vs.  their peers in an anonymous, encouraging format
    • Snapshot view of areas of concern for proactive interventions
    • Customize CARE variables by school such as parent and/or signature lines, rank vs. peers, graduation requirements and demographic information

key Data Visualization

    • Student CARE features an easy to read dashboard of KPIs, dynamic based on your individual settings, for a top level view of how a school, district, or larger grouping is performing
    • Our unique trends section aggregates data in a way that smooths out variance to show where your top-line attendance, grades and behavior sit as a snapshot against legacy performance

SMART Import For data

    • Seamlessly import data from different sources, in different compilations, into Student CARE 
    • SMART Imports match the header row in your csv file, mapping information to the reporting engine, for maximum efficiency
    • Just drag, drop and report!

Built for schools. Built for Districts

    • Quick customizations with one-click no matter your school or district size
    • Set your own variables to display on your reports
    • Define your own benchmarks and risk levels
    • Customizable user permissions showing only data that you need

Exception Reporting - defined by you

When any measure — whether grades, attendance or behavior —  is outside of a predetermined level, an exception report will be automatically sent to you highlighting where additional supports may be needed. It’s another way Student CARE keeps the work proactive and the conversations with students and parents timely.

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